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Centrifugal Separator


Dryer Device

Distillation Equipment

Dust Collector System



Extraction Equipment


Filter Presses


Heat Exchangers

Pelletizers, Hot-cutting Pelletizer, Water-cutting Pelletizer



Miller(super Micro)

Hammer Mill



Tower, Vessels & Related Equipments

Water Cooling Towers

Parts Of Chemical Industry Machines

Steel Structures

Fabrication ( Welding For Oil Tank, Piping Work, Storage Tank..etc.)

Water Supply Machine And Equipment

Fire Extinguishing Equipment And Apparatuses


Vibro-sieve Separator & Filter

Pressure Vessels, Spherical Storage Tanks...etc.

Water Treatment Equipment

Medicated Machines

Reverse Osmosis System

Kieselguhr Filter

Special Metallic Equipment For High Temperature And High Corrosion Resistance (special Metallic Such As Ti, Zr, Nb, Al, Inconel, Hastelloy... Etc.).

Vacuum Technolgy(chamber)

Vibrating Screen

Design & Manufacture Of Vacuum Condensation & Crystallization Engineering For Chinese Medicine

Design Manufacture Of Sanitary Piping For Purified Water System

Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon Storage Tanks

Refrigerating Storage Tank For Low Temperature

Filter Press, Belt Press

High Temperature & Pressure Auto Sterilizer-sprinkle Water Type

Horizontal Automatic Fry Cooking Tank-direct Fire

Extraction Processing Equipment-food Processing & Chemical Industry

The Whole Set Machinery Equipment For Retort Pouch

Water Scrubbers

Air Separated Plant

Horizontal Mill For Grinding & Dispersion Of Varnish, Ink Industry

Basket Mill For Grinding & Dispersion Of Varnish, Ink Industry



Service And Arrangement Of Preventive Maintenance And Predictive Maintenance For Mechanical Equipment (skilled Engineer With Advanced Instruments.).

Alignment Service With Laser Optical Precision Instruments For Centerline, Parallel Line, Leveling, And Horizontal Line.

Storage Tanks And Towers Such As Distillation Column, Reaction Towers And Absorption Towers.

Filters, Silencers, Dryer, Heat Exchanger And Agitator.

High Speed Mixer For Powder, Container Bag, Crusher, Thin-film Evaporator.

Bottom Valve, Sampling Valve, Gate Valve For Powder And Special Valve For High Pressure, High Temperature, And High Viscosity.

Agitators, Expansion Vane Type

Agitators, Front Side Type

Agitators, Vertical Type

Agitators, Bottom Type

Agitators For Pressure Vessel Used

Agitators For Vacuum Tank Used

Agitators For Wastewater Treatment Used

Agitators, Trolley

Heat Exchangers, Plate Type

Heat Exchangers, Titanium
Material For Titanium,zirconium,inconel.hastelloy&monel Equipment

Design, Manufacturing, Process Development & Plant Scheme Of Supercritical Fluid Equipment(application In Waste Treatment By Scwo, Nano Particle Manufacture By Hydrothermal Synthesis, Ases, Countercurrent Extraction, Sf-smb, Sfe)

Design, Manufacturing Of Super-gravity Separation Equipment And Manufacturing Of Cryo Genic Equipment(0。c~-196。c)

Parts For High Temperature, High Pressure Process (reactor, Window, Valve For Industrial, Agitator)


Cookers, Steam

Cookers, Vulcanized

Cookers, Vacuum


Active Carbon Absorption Equipment For Sugar Decolour

Chemical Fiber Machinery And Equipment

Vacuum Concetrator And Boiling Evaporators

Biochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Resin And Medical Reactors & Accessories

Machinery & Equipment Of Agricultural Pesticide For Mulation

Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Paint And Dye Making Machinery Andequipment

Vertical Mills, For Making Paint &ink

Tri-chilled Roller Mills, For Making Paint & Ink

Glue Making Machines And Techonology

Solvent Reclamation Device

Solvent Distilling & Refining System

Equipment Of Nuclear Power Plant

Oil-petroleum Refining Equipment