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Electrical Power Machinery

Generators (diesel & Gasoline)

Transformers & Components

Instrument Transformers

Motors (linear)


Cooling Radiators

Steel Towers For Power Transmission

Electric Switchgears And Control Equipments

D.c. Motors

A.c. Motors

Variable Speed Motors

Servo Motors

Water Gates

Explosion-proof Motors

Elevator Motors

Water Turbines

Torque Motors

Micro Motors

Geared Motors,reducer

High Voltage Magnetic Breakers

Motor Starters And Control Breakers

Stepping Motors

High Frequency Spindles

Frame Of Motors

Parts Of Motor

Generators, Wind Power

Parts & Accessories For Electric Transmission Wires & Cable

Connectors For Electrical Cable & Wire Used

Steel Box For Communication

Magneto Motors , Driving Antenna

Magneto Motors , Driving Outboard Engine

Motors , Mower

D.c. Motors, Variable Speed Type

Magi Encoder System

Motor Starters

Receiving & Distribution Panels

Control Panels
Motor Control Centers

Lighting Distribution Panels

Electronic Control Apparatus For Industrial Sue

High Voltage Electeic Fuses

Servo Motor Drivers

Stepping Motor Drivers

Control Panels, Table Type

A. C. Magnetic Contactors

Overload Relays

High Voltage Magnetic Contactors

Remote Control Apparatus For Industrial Use

D. C. Motor Drivers

Edoy-current Driver Variable Speed Motors

Variable Frequency Inverter Drivers

Rotary Vibrators

Dc Permanent Magnet Motor

Bldc Motor

Automatic Voltage Regulator


Ac Induction Motor

Micro Switch,limit Switch

Air Circuit Breaker

Disconnecting Switches

Fuse Cutout Switches

Oil Switches

Magnetic Switches

Gas Insulated Switch Gears

Magnetic Switches, Motor



Work Light (waterproof Lamp Dustproof Lamp)

Power Circuit Breakers

Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

Gas Insulated Circuit Breakers

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Molded Lase Circuit Breaker & Load Center



Terminal Plates

Grounding Bar

Cogeneration Equipment

Switch For Road Light

Terminal Block

Household Electrical Appliances And Electric Lighting Equipments

Electric Water Pots

Electric Coffee Pots

Bowl, Dish Dryers

Clothes Dryers

Electric Hair Dryers

Hand Dryers

Electric Pansa

Plates, Electric

Electric Pots

Cool And Warm Fan, Electric


Air Conditioners

Electric Fans

Rice Cookers

Washing Machines

Electric Ovens

Juice Mixers

Electric Heaters

Ceiling Fans, Computer Control

Vacuum Cleaners


Convection Roasters

Water Heater, Electrical & Boiling Water

Gas Heaters For Room Use

Gas Stoves, Protable Type

Microwave Ovens

Telecommunication Apparatus

Machine Parts For Microwave Telecommunication Equipment

Color Tv

Tape Recorders


Telephones, Telephone Exchangers


Audio Products

Picture Tubes

Telecommunication Equipment

Fiber Optics Communication Components And Systems

Electro-optics Converters

Wires And Cables (optical Fiber Cables)

Silicone Rubber Heat Proof Wire

Telecommunication Tower

3 Axis Motion Controller

Radio And Micro-wave Apparatus

Carrier-frequency Apparatus


Remote Controler For Industry Used

Central Supervisory Equipment

Remote Control Garage Door Openers

Manual Pulse Generator(mpg)

Mobile Phone

Telefacsimiles (fax)

Electric Tubes/electric Sheets


Copper Adapters

Box Of Control Panel

Box Of Automatic Control Panel

Lightning Arrester

Lighting Fixtures For Factory(high Ceiling)

Emi Filter

Electronic Parts And Components

Parts Of Electricals


Raw Materials For Resistors

Cable Glands/fittings

Flexible Conduit/corrugated Tubing


Solid State Relay