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Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Plastic Extruder

Plastic Blow Molding Machines

Non-woven Fabric Making Machines (synthetic Leather, Cloth, Carpet Etc)

Plastic Forming Machines

Expandable Polystyrene Molding Machine

Acrylic Board Making Machines

Plastic Foam Making Machines

Plastic Leather & Sheet ,film Calendering Machines

Extrusion System Lamination Machine

Plastic Sheet Making Machines

Plastic Packing Tape Making Machines

Adhesive Tape Making Machines

Self Adhesive Tape Slitting And Rewinding Machine

Soft & Rigid Plastic Pipe Making Machines

Plastic Straw Making Machines

Plastic Shoe Making Machine

Flat Yarn Extrusion Line

Plastic Bag Making Machine

Pp.pe Woven Bag Circular Looms

Blowing Film Line

Plastic Bag Sealing & Cutting Machine

Plastic Printing Machines

Soft & Rigid Plastic Pelletizing Machines

Plastic Pelletizing Recycle Machines

Every Kind Of High Frequency Machinery For Plastic

Mixers & Crushers For Plastic

Plastic Button Making Machines

Polyester Zipper Making Machines

Ldpe Foam Net Making Machines

Plastic Moulds

Ldpe Foam Sheet Making Machines

Plastic Welding Machines

Ultrasonic Machinery For Plastic

Polystyrene Sheet Making Machines

Plastic Strapping Tape Making Machines

Plastic Leather Reproduction Equipment

Hydraulic Compression Moulding Machines For Plastic

Transfer Moulding Machines For Plastic

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines

Hot Plate Plastic Welder

Pp/hdpe Flat Yarn Making Machines

Slitting And Extension Machine For Pp/pe Flat Yarn

Flexible Drinking Straw Auto Making Machine

Cylindrical Edge Rolling Machine

Waste Pvc Leather Recycling Machine

Rounp Nurse's Cap Making Machine

Plastic Crystallizing Machine

Plastic Injection-blow Molding Machines

Plastic Pressure Machines

Plastic Vacuum Forming Machines

Plastic Leather Auto-cutting Machines
Puastic Leather Rolling Slitting Machines

Rewinding Machine And Tape Lathing Machine For Double-side Tape, Foam Tape, Pvc Tape

Nylon Cloth Atuo Slitting Machines (with Heat Melting Unit)

Non-woven Face Mask Making M/c

Non-woven Medi-cap Making M/c

Expander Roll

Non-woven Headrest Cover Making M/c

Cd Sleeve Making M/c

Coating Machines

Film Coating Machine

Pet Stretch-blow Molding Machine

Cup Making Machine

Back-light Protection Film Coat Machine

Paper Tray Coating Machine

Pe/pp Sheet And Film Exlm Extrusion Plant

Electrical Injection Molding Machine

Plastic Extrusion Dyeing Machines

Hydraulic Pvc Foam Moulding Machine

Hydraultc Pe Foam Moulding Machine

Hydraulic Rubber Valcanizing Machine

Hydraulic Eva Sheet Re-moulding Machine

Hydraulic Heating & Cooling Moulding Machine

Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine

Smc Hydraulic Moulding Machine

Rubber & Pvc Floor Tiles Moulding Machine

Car Mats & General Industries Parts

Rubber Heating Pressure Moulding Machine

Rubber Injection Machine

Glass Fiber Moulding Press

Non-woven Pillow Case Making M/c

Pp Heavey-duty Strapping Band Making Machine

Pet Strapping Band Making Machine

Plastic Double-side-seal Machines

Plastic Heat-sealing And Slitting Machines

Cup Edge Curling Machines

Eva Making Machines

Splitting Machines For Eva

Automatic Eva Injection Moulding Machine

Automatic Pu Injection Moulding Machine

Multi Color Injection Molding Machine

Hydraulic Transfer Moulding Machines, Two-colors

Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Computer Controll

Plastic Injection Molding Machines

Plastic Injection Blow Moulding Machines

Plastic Injection Molding Machines,pet Preform

Plastic Injection Molding Machines,gas Assisted

Bmc Professed Injection Molding Machine

Thermoforming Machines

Automatic Thermoforming Machines With Trim Puncher

Automatic Pressure Thermofor Machine With Trim Puncher

Machines For Bakelites Ureas & Melamines
Extrusion Machines, Pvc Profile

Water-cooled Type Pvc Pelletizer

Pvc Reinforced Hose Making Machine

Pvc Rigid Pipe Making Machine

Waste Plastic Recycling Machine


Toothbrush Making Machines

Automatic Toothbrush Tufting Machines, Two-color Type

Automatic 3-colour Toothbrush Tufting Machine

Semi-auto Toothbrush Bristle Trimming Machines

Pneumatic Straight-going Tooth Brush Bristle Trimming Machines

Auto Tooth Brush Bristle Trimming & Rounding Machines

Automatic Toothbrush Bristle Trimming & End-rounding M/c

Automatic Material Bristle Cutter & Separater M/c

Automatic 2-colour Toothbrush Tufting Trimming & End-rounding Machine

Automatic 3-colour Toothbrush Tufting Trimming & End-rounding Machine

Flocking Machines

Automatic Lead Frame Insert Molding Machines

Blowing Balloon Making Machines

Plastic Corrugated Sheet Making Machines

Plastic Shoes Injection Molding Machine

Pvc Heat Shrinkable Film Making Machines

Pp & Pe Pearl Stretching Tape Making Machines

Magic-seal Plastic Bag Making Machines

Coating Plastic Wire Making Machines

Pvc Contracting Pipe & Tube Making Machines

Plastic Net Hand-bag Making Machines

Plastic Wig Making Machines

Air Bubble Sheet Making Machines

Plastic ( Pp & Pe ) Light Package Band Making Machines

Pvc Window Blinder Extrusion Machines

Medical Plaster Making

Wrapping Film Making Machines

Pvc Shrinkage Tubular Film Making Machines

Food Wrapping Film Rewinder

Pvc Window And Door Extrusion Machines

High Frequency Welding Machines For Pe. Pp. Woven Bag


Pvc Wall Board Working Machine

Plastic File Holder Making Machine

Plastic & Rubber Recycling & Grinding Machine

Film/sheet Recycle Machine

Pet Sheet Making Machine & Thermo Forming Machine

Pu Foam Dispensing Machines

Laminating Process Machines(dry/wet)

High Precision Clean Room Coating Line

High Frequency Melamine, Urea, Phenol Preheaters

High Frequency Plastic Welding Machines

High Frequency Bcister Packing Machine

Shoe Upper Embossing Machine

High Frequency Embossing Machine

Plastic Particle Dryers, Silo Type

Plastic Inflation Tubular Film Controls, Optical Sensor Type

CNC Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

Plaster Two-lane Perforating Machine

Gauze Dressing Machine

Auto Winders For Pvc Leather & Sheet

First Aid Adhesive Plaster Manufacturing Machine

Corn Caps Plaster Manufacturing Machine

Zinc Oxide Plaster Slitting Machine

Capsicum Plaster Perforating & Cutting Machine

Plaster Packing Machine

Plaster Double-sided Perforating Machine

Nitrofurazon Gauze Pads Making Machine

Wound Pads Making Machine

Surgical Mask Making Machine

Surgical Glove Packing Machine

Plastic Laminate Tube Filling & Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

Drip Irrigation Tube Making Machine

Spin Welding Machine

Vibration Plastic Welding Machine

Capsule & Tablet Inspection

Capsule Polishing M/c

Worm Wet Granulator

Other Plastic Machines(static Electricity Equipment)

Parts Of Plastic Machinery

Cylinder & Screws For Plastic Machinery

Embossing Roller, Alloy Steel Roll, Calender Roll

Travel Measurement Digital Lnput Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Absorption Roll

Friction Shaft

Twin Screw Extruder

Extrusion Coating-laminating Machine

Eps And Epe Foam Sheet Extrusion Lines

Epe Foam Tube Or Profile Extrusion Lines

Xps Foam Insulation Board Extrusion Lines

Hips;pp & Apet Rigid Sheet Extrusion Lines

M Series Thermoforming Systems

Contact Heating Thermoforming Machine

Eps Foam Cups Steam Chest Molding Systems

Injection Molding Machine

Insert Molding Machine

Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Bmc Injection Molding Machine

Injection Blow Molding Machine

Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Accumulative Blow Molding Machine

Digital Operate Continuous Thermoforming Machine

Preheating Vacuum Forming Machine

Extruder Production Line

Plastic Recycling Machine