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General Metal Cutting Working (turning Shaping, Milling, Drilling..etc

Precision Metal Cutting Working (grinding,boring,broaching...etc.)

Metal Forming Working

Free Forging

Die Forging

Cold Working



Hot Dip Galvanizing


Heat Treatment

Other Metal Coatings
Other Metal Working Service Industries

Precision Lapping Polishine

Precision Dewaxing Gasting

Manufacture & Working Service(for Clean Room)

Assembly Of Machines

Staiuless Steel Working Service

Big Parts Annealing

Metal-working Used CNC Machine

Metal Cutting Working Used CNC H/v Milling Machines

Laser Cutting & Engraving Service

Electric Discharge Cutting Services

Wire Cutting Services
Ultra-precision Machining

Service Of Grinding Or Polishing

Machinery Hardware Parts

Chuck Controller

Service Of Shot Blasting, Polishing

Steel Wire Forming Parts

Cut-to-length Line

Cutting Steel Bars & Rods

Assembly Parts With Spor Welded

Finished Friction Welding

Fire System Piping And Tank Fabrication Project

Tank,silo,fabrication Project
Vacuum Coating Services

Vacuum Heat Treatment

Deep Cooling Treatment

Carburizing Harmonizing, Normalizing Heat Treatment

High Frequency Surface Hardening Heat Treatment

Melting, Hardening Heat Treatment

Carburizing, Harmonizing Heat Treatment In Continuous Furnaces

Metal Analysis Service

Material Testing Service

Non-destructive Testing Service

Vacuum Treatment