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Air Pollution Control Equipments

Waste Water Treatment Equipments

Garbage Treatment Plants

Noise Control Equipments

Waste Plastic Materials Recycle Machines

Waste Plastic Recycling Pelletizer

Tire Steel Processing Machine

Automatic Tire Cutting Machine

Waste Tire Recycling Plant

Solvent Gas Pollution Control Equipment

Pet Bottle Washing Machine

Pet Bcttle Recycling Plant

Fabrication, Construction & Installation Of Air Pollution Control Equipment

Dust Collector
Collecting Equipment

Filters, Bag Type

Dust Collector

Wet Type Dust Collector

Bag Filters Dust Collector

Fabrication, Construction & Installation Of Waste Water Treatment

Mini Full-capacity Filtered Waste Water Auto-treatment Equipment

Travelling Bar Screen

The Driver Of Scraper

Dissolving Air Flotation System

Aerated Grit And Grease Removal Equipment-scraper Blade Type

Fine Bubble Air Diffuser

Coarse Bu Bble Air Diffuser

Tube Settler
Fixed Bio-film Medium

Automatic Rake Of Waste Equipment

Water Strainer Reversel Of Stroketype

Screen (power Type , Fixed Type)

Cable Operated Bar Screen

Travelling Water Screen

Screw Press

Skimmer For Floating-oil

(rotaing Biologal Conta Ctor)

Fabrication, Construction & Installation Of Garbage Treatment

Fabrication, Construction & Installation Of Noise Control

Multiclone Dust Collector & Recuperator.(vane Axial Type)


Incinerators, Mini Type
Incinerators, For Garbage

Refrigerant Recycling Machine

Fabrication, Construction & Installation Of Incinerators

Garbage Packing Equipment

Garbage Transit Station

Waste Gas Treatment Equipment

Solid And Liquid Separating Forkitchen Only


Scrap Separate And Clean Machine

Recycling Machine

Digital Ph/orp Controller

Parts For Dust Collector

Cd-rom Disk Recycling Machines

Water And Waste Water Recovery Systems Electro Dialysis Reversal(e.d.r)