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Watches, Clocks And Parts

Clean Factory Automation

Electro Press

Dyelng Machlne Controller System

Liquid-chemical Dispensing System

Infra-red Dyer

Semi-auto Powder Dosing Monitoring System

Vertical Type Dyestuff Storage And Weighing System

Stenter Process Supervisor System

Tube-free Automatic Laboratory Dispenser

Watches, Clocks

Parts Of Watches And Clocks

Optical Apparatus, Cinematographic Apparatus And Parts

Profile Projctor

Optical Measuring Systen


Linear Scale (linear Encoder)

Glass Working Machines For Optical Industry



Photographic Cameras

Optics Tools

Cinematographic & Theater Apparatus And Equipment

Wireless Video Cameras

Image Processing System

Image Communication System

Parts Of Optical Apparatus

Parts Of Cameras

Industrial Light, Equipments & Parts

Medical Instruments, Medical Appliances And Parts

Medical Beds

Medical Carriages

Orthopedic Eye Patch Making Machine

Medical Instruments And Appliances

Dental Equipment

Appliances Of Oph Thalmic (chair, Table Etc.)

Appliances Of Ear, Nose And Throat(chair, Table Etc.)

Tire Plunger Tester

Inspecting, Measuring Instrument And Parts
Hardness Testers

Tensile Strength Tester

Fatigue (endurance) Testing Machines

Impact Testing Machines

Torsional Testing Machines

Equipment For Non-destructive Testing Of Metals

Testing Machines For Plastics And Rubbers

Watt-hour Meters

Ampere Hour Meters

Watthour Meters

Other Inspecting & Testing Machines

Temperature Controller

Taxi Meters

Gas Meters

Electric Meters, Digital Type

Speeder Controllers

Pressure Monitors

Lcd Module Aging System

Light On Tester


Pressure Gauges

Computer Batch Counters

Thermo Meters

Pressure Regulators

Tft Lcd/cell Laser Repair

Universal Testing Machines

Bursting Strength Testers

Salt Spray Testers

Temperature & Humidity Testers

Weather Testers

Vibration Testers

Drop Testers

Hydraulic Pressure Testers

Valcanized Testers

Dynamic Testing Systems

Vacuum Leak Detectors, Helium Type

Vacuum Gauges

Air Flow Meters

Air Leak Tester
Laser Dimension Instruments

Optical Lump Detector For Cablewire

2 Axis Coordinate Measuring Machines

3 Axis Coordinate Measuring Machines

Optical Lavels

Optical Collimator

Measure Instrument

Probes For Pc Board

Hynraulic Metai, Destructign Tester& Cutting Squeezer


Plug Gages

Plain Calliper

Ring Gages

Thread Plug Gages

Thread Ring Gages

Level Meters

Water Amalyzer

Flow Meters Water, Flow Indicators, Flow Recorder

Batch Controller

Flow Meters

Floating Control Valves

Oil Meter

Switch Level Controller, Silo

Testers, Standard Lounder

Testers, Dying Rubbing

Testers, Slorch

Wrap Reel

Testers, Akron Abrasion

Oven, Aging

Testers, Demattia Fiex-cracking

Molding Presses For Testing

Compression Testers For Package & Containers

Ovens For Laboratory Use

Ovens, Uniform Temperature And Humidity

Equipmet For Weather Testing

Mooney Viscometer

Ozone Test Chamber

Dispersion Tester

Fatigue Tester

Auto Thermo Controllers, Electronic Type

Auto Thermo Controllers, Dual-metal Type

Thermo-couple Meters

Trouble Alarm, Electric Type

Viscosity Tester


Electronic Counters

Inspection Equipment For Battery

Inspecion Equipments Of Storage Battery

Life Tester

Volume Testing Machine

Charge Acceptance Tester

High Rate Discharge Tester

Separator Anti-acid Tester

Low Temperature Case For Storage Battery

Vibration Tester For Storage Battery

Plug Bending Tester

Ultrasonic Meter

Venturi Meter

Magnetic Meter

Parts Of Electric Meter

Hardware And Software For Computerized Instrument

X-y Table

Automobile Transceivers

Instrument For Airplane Engines

Semi-conductor Device And Component

Air Shower Room(for Clean Room)

Laminar Flow Tables(for Clean Room)

Deteltors For Die Safety

Deteltors For Double Steel Sheet

Detectors For Working-piele Passed

Tank For Labaratoy

Automatic Adjustable Device

Mounting Press

Hot Runner Temperature Controllers

Plastic/rubber Machine Controllers

Large Scale Mold