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Ring Spinning Frames

High Speed Cone Winders

Automatic Winders

Doubling Winders

Yarn Twister

Two-for-one Twisters

Loom Winders (pirn Winders), Automatic

Other Spinning Machinery

Automatic Blow Room Equipment

Drawing Frame

Auto-doffer For Ring Spinning Frame

Circular Auto Bale Opener, Tracking Auto Bale Opener

Card Chute Feeder

Auto Multi Mixer (6.8.10 Box)

Doubling Machines For Warp

Reeling Machine

Auto Dumping Machine For Yarn

High Speed Card

Chute Feed For Card


Beaming Machine

Sizing Machines

Prin Winders

Automatic Looms

Wool Looms

Shuttle Change Looms

Silk Looms

Terry Circular Knitting Machine

Shuttleless Looms, Rapier

Canvas Looms

Linen Weaving Machines

Stainless Steel & Steel Reed, Profile Reed

Steel Wire Healds

Sectional Warping Machines

Three Dimensional Pleat Pressing Machine

Three Dimensional Pleat Pressing Machine

Universal Pleat Pressing Machine Of Stereo

Inflation Cloth Machine

Open Mouth Tubular Knitting Machine

Circular Knitting Machines

Mosquito-net Raschel Knitting Machines

Fishnet Raschel Knitting Machines

Hat & Scarf Knitting Machines

Glove Knitting Machines

Socks Knitting Machines

Sock Setting Machines

Flat Knitting Machines

Raschel Knitting Machines
Braiding Machines

Lace Raschel Knitting Machines

Double Needle Bar Raschel Knitting Machine

Lace & Band Crochet Machines

Braid Rolling Machine

Electronic Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

Jacquard Needle Looms

Computerized Flat Knitting Machines

Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine

Semi-aupomatic Programming Controlled Stand

Micro-computerized Flat Knitting Machine

Fabric Inspecting Machines

Automatic Measuring & Plaiting Machines

Folding Cloth Machines

Ultrasonic Punching Machine

Cloth Trimming Machines

Automatic Edge Control Winding Machines

Integrated Extension & Centering Machine

Other Textile Machines

Parts Of Textile Machines

Plantain And Ramie Fiber Sisal Collecting Machines

Label Making Machines

Magic Tape Weaving Machines

Static Electricity Equipment For Textile

Computer Label Making Machine

Win-top Design System (software & Hardware)

Reaching-in Machine

3-layers Cloth Store-frame

White Iron Wheel U Type Cone Winder

Finished Machines For Textile

Dyeing & Finishing Machines

Vacuum Steam Setting Machine

Normal Pressure Rapid Jet Dyeing

High Temperature Rapid Fluid Dyeing Machine

Stenter Machine

Suction Drum Dryer

Oil Heater

Heat Setting Machine

Tension Less Dryer

Testing Dyeing M/c

Cheese Tesing Dyeing M/c

Cheese Press M/c

High Temperature & Pressure Dyeing Machine

High Temperature & Pressure Cheesedryer Machine

Bobbin Winding M/c (automatic)

High Pressure Zipper Dyeing M/c

Zipper Cylinder Dryer (steam Type)
Bulky Spray Automatic Dyeing Machine

Normal Press & Normal Temp Spray Automatic Dyeing

Bulky Hank Dyeing Machine

High Press & High Temp Automatic

High-temperature & Pressure Fabric Dyeing Machine

Normal-temp Normal-pressure Fabric Dyeing Machine

Expander Roll

High Efficiency Cleaning Machine

Precision Cone Winder

Soft Cone Winders

Cone Winders, Simple

Giant Cone Winders

Beam Yarn Disengaging Cone Winder

Rewinder & Soft Package Winder For Filaments

Yarn Tension

Automatic Dispensing System

Stock Solution Preparation System

Laboratory Dyeing / Finishing Machine

Computer Color Matching System

Oil Pressure Type Beam Disengaging Machine

Printing Machine For Textiles

Shuttleless Looms

Shuttleless Looms, Water Jet

Shuttleless Towel Looms, Rapier

Shuttleless Looms, Air Jet


Warpers, Beam Dyeing

Warpers, Rubber Filament

Sectional Warping Machines

Weaving Machines For Looms

Negative Dobby

Non-woven Fabric Making Machines (tablecloth, Car Mats, Blankets, Filter

Needle Punching Machines For Non-woven Fabric

Round Nurse's Cap Making Machine

Doubling Winders, Large Yarn Type

Knotless Fishnet Raschel Knitting Machines

Jute Sack Circular Looms

Woven Bag Cutting Machines

Fabric Cutting & Opening Machines

Automatic Fabric Doubling Machines

Versatile Edge Control Device

Automatic Fabric Cutting & Opening Machines

Fabric Measuring Machines, Mini Type

Pleating Machine, Computer Control

Trellised Pleat Pressing Machines, Computer Control

Trellised Pleat Pressing Machines

Radiative Type Pleat Pressing Dyeing Machines

Cloth Folding And Dying Machines, Radial Type
High Temperature Dyeing Machines & Computer Control

Continuous Steamer

High Pressure Automatic Steamer

Automatic Vacuum Steam Sttter

Velvet Heat Embossing Machines

Gas Singeing Machines

Full Automatic Tensidnless Dyeing Jiggers


Continuous Washing Ranges

3-bowl Calenders

Shinking Machines

Calender For Tubular Knitted

High-frequency Textile Finishing Machine

Extracting Machine For Textiles

Indigo Dyeing Machines

Composite Material Prepreg Machines

Compacting Calender

Gear Type Raising M/c

Boil Off

Inverter Raising Machine

Mercerizing Range

Continuous Scutcher

Shearing Machine

Raising Machine

Brushing Machine

Tentering Machine

Full Function Shearing Machine

Embroidery Shearing Machine

Sueding Machine

Horizontal Sueding Machine

Calender Machine Of Three Rollers

Calender Machine Of Two Rollers

Sewing Thread Winding Machines

Cone Winder, Other Type

Eage-position-control Equipment

High Speed Coiler Motion Devices

Creels For Spinning Machines


Dust Remove Filter Machines For Textile Industry

Wool Scouring & Carboning Equipment

Waxing Machines For Fabric

Suction And Filter System For Textile Firms

Metal & Spark Catcher For Cotton & Fiber

Spare Parts Of Knitting Machines

Parts Of Raschel Knitting Machines

Parts Of Dyeing / Finishing Machine

Absorption Roll